Your Challenge Today:

A charming woman …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


A charming woman…

doesn’t follow the crowd.

She is herself.

~ Loretta Young



A charming woman … doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself!


There is nothing more sassy, sexy and satisfying than having the self-confidence to be true to yourself. When a person is self-confident they smile, they are happy, they comfortable in their own skin and it shows. They exude a charm that is uniquely them, they enjoy their special gifts and share them freely with the world. A sassy, sexy, self-confident woman doesn’t need to follow the crowd to feel good about herself, she knows who she is and takes pleasure in that.


Being true to one’s self, following your heart and carving out your own path is the best way to love and appreciate yourself. When we can nurture and retain our own personal charm we are able to fully express ourselves. Discovering who we are and what we are meant to do in this world is the first step to creating the life we love to live.


I believe that we are all here to enjoy our life experience and we can best do that by honoring our inner spirit. I believe that we nourish our spirt with our experiences, our friends, family, community and contributions. When we take time to read, dance, wander around, play with our pets, plant a garden, enjoy our friends and work we are putting ourselves in the place of the most potential. We are establishing our life with value and pleasure, we don’t need to follow the crowd, we can express true self with confidence.


When we focus our mental, emotional and spiritual energy on our ~ Primary Nutrition ~ filling our spiritual cup with the pleasure of our life’s work, our family, friends and community we are supporting our Living Fit Lifestyle.


When we look at our whole life, our ~ Total Health ~ evaluate each category and choose 3 SMART GOALS to focus on for the next few months. Creating a balanced life that supports your better health and vitality is always a work in progress, as one door closes in your life, another one opens and it’s time for a new chapter. Big or small, you choose what is next for you …




 What do you want to write about today?



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