Your Challenge Today:


By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Thinking will not overcome fear

but action will.

~ W. Clement Stone



While it is true that we need to think through our SMART GOAL plans, we need to trouble shoot our plans, we need to figure out the best approach to reaching our goals. Taking time and thinking about your strategy to overcome your fear is a great investment in your life a true testament to your commitment.


Thinking is necessary

~ ACTION is the essential next step ~

without taking action, nothing is ever achieved.


Well, that’s not strictly true … I am guilty sometimes of not taking action, not taking a stand, not making a decision to move forward or to pass on an invitation. And, it is the act of stalling, not answering, not taking a stand ~ that is actually the decision. Whenever I don’t know what to do and I am afraid to move forward or to pass on an opportunity ~ the in-action is indeed a NO. I have learned the hard way, that (for me) it’s a good practice to speak my truth and say “I am not sure, let me think about it” or “I appreciate the opportunity and thank you for thinking of me, but I am going to pass right now”. I always feel better about myself and how I respond to someone when I take the time to be true to myself and courteous to the other person, it feels better for everyone.


However ~ once I have made the decision to take action ~ I have to face my fear, get in the game and go for it! Getting into the game is the only way to see what I can do, gain the experience that I need and build the confidence that I am seeking. When I was asked to cater a fancy event in NYC, I was definitely scared, no question. I had never catered before, I had no real experience with the process. I knew how to cook, I had an excellent support team and I had faith in my ability to troubleshoot  a situation ~ so I decided to go for it. I spent a couple of months testing recipes, menus and going over all the details that I believed would be necessary to make the event a success. I was absolutely scared ~ I was scared to make a mess of the event, I didn’t want to let my friend down and I certainly didn’t want to embarrass myself. I went over every detail of the event several times, I went to the venue to see the space, orchestrate the timing and go over the supply list. I went through the event enough to feel confident, not perfect but confident and thank goodness ~ we did a great job. We were proud of our performance, product and feedback. The experience of committing to something new and taking action definitely builds confidence!


Confidence is sexy, sassy and supports success!


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