All great change in America begins at the dinner table.

~ Ronald Reagan



Your Challenge Today:

Begin at the dinner table!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Dining well is a personal perspective ~ what does it mean to you?


I like to eat clean, healthy and delicious food. My personal preference is to enjoy really good food that is prepared well, in keeping with my personal health beliefs and goals. I know that can seem boring to some, not enjoying all the ‘in’ spots, trying all the new food from the greatest new restaurants by the hottest new chefs. That’s just me – if I can’t find something on the menu that I feel interested in, I am not interested in a particular restaurant. Having said that, enjoying a new restaurant can be as simple as tasting a few things on the menu and making a meal of appetizers ~ whatever works!


I have learned to really enjoy trying new recipes because the flavors sound good to me and then adapting the recipe as needed to suit my culinary taste and goals. Most good recipes can be adapted as needed to suit your health and fitness goals which is a great way to continue to enjoy the food and flavors you love while staying true to your goals.


And, putting your family and friends first on the list of priorities for a meal can be far more satisfying than any food you will consume. Good conversation with great friends and people that you love is the best way to enjoy an evening whether you are dining in or out.


Focus on your company for the evening.


Make your meal about the experience not the consumption.


Take your time, eat mindfully, enjoy your food and enjoy the conversation!