My Challenge Today:

Be bold!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Often, in the real world,

it’s not the smart that get ahead

but the bold.

~ Robert Kiyosaki



What does it mean to be bold? Being bold is defined as having courage, daring, not hesitating to break the rules, go beyond the usual limits. These definitions suggest that being bold is a bit like coloring outside the lines and dancing to the beat of your own drum. Does that sound like you?


In an odd kind of way, it sounds like me ~ when I am feeling good about myself. When I am in touch with my true spirit, I have courage, I have confidence and I can be bold! Being bold is about having confidence to do things differently, to me ~ it’s about being willing to question the status quo. When it’s time to make a change in life, it helps to be bold, be willing to shake things up and try a different approach ~ even if it’s not popular.


Eating health food, giving up fried foods, taking supplements, exercising regularly and committing to a Living Fit Lifestyle takes courage. I distinctly remember a time when a childhood friend of mine asked me “when did you get on this kick?” He was completely sincere, exercising and health foods were not in vogue and I was considered a bit weird. That’s OK with me, I am still considered weird by some, so what? It’s more important to me that I follow my heart, do what I believe is best for me and stay true to my instincts. I do the best I can with the information that I have and my commitment is to living the best life I can and sharing the information with my clients, friends, family and community.


Being bold is also about having the courage to live a full life, to pursue my dreams, explore life and be adventurous. Being bold requires me to have faith in my inner voice, trust the universe and practice mindfulness. When I am calm and centered, trusting in the process of life and allowing the universe to support me, I am better able to live my life authentically.



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