Your Challenge Today:

Be what you want to be!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I believe that you control your destiny,

that you can be what you want to be. 

~ Leo Buscaglia



Be what you want to be!


A dear friend of mine used to tell me – “follow your heart and you will never get lost”. I believe there is a certain amount of validity to that statement, if we are indeed listening to our heart ~ not our ego.



I remember participating in a seminar years ago and we had to do an exercise:


  • Write down 10 things that you love ~ any 10 things ~ my list looked something like … sunshine, exercise, water, people, music, teaching, nesting, reading, loving, cooking.


  • Make another list of at least 3 ways you can make a living at 9 of the 10 items ~ presuming that sex would be one thing you love!


  • Then look at all the possibilities you have to create a career and life that you love ~ I admit this is not the conventional path to finding and creating a life that you love. However, it certainly does open the mind to new possibilities that I had never thought of. It was a fun exercise that engaged my imagination in new ways.


This exercise was liberating in a funny kind of way. I realized that I was actually already doing what I wanted, I was teaching fitness, I had classes inside a gym and outside in a pool. I was teaching, in the sun with music, I was working with people and it was very rewarding to me on many levels. I loved the process of reading to learn, teaching to share and helping others gave me a real emotional satisfaction. While I was in the process of reading and learning, I was also helping myself heal which was a bonus. Sharing my life and story with my classes gave me an opportunity to connect with the students on a deeper level and learn from them too.


Through this process of looking at what I loved, I learned that I had much to be grateful for and I was on a good path in my life, doing things that were meaningful to me. I was not on a traditional career path, I was not following the crowd, I was carving my own way, making the most of my gifts and pleasure. I was enjoying my life in a new way!


What do you want to … BE …

… DO




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