By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Pureed vegetable soup with Classic Bone Broth is an easy and delicious way to get vital vegetables into the diet and with the added bonus of the healing bone broth. The idea of chicken, veal or beef stock being ‘healing’ is a concept that I didn’t give much thought to until I became a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. Our bodies need all of the minerals and collagen that can be assimilated into the bone broth to assist our own bone and joint health … which makes perfect sense to me.


One thing most people agree on ~ eating a diet rich in organic, local fruits and vegetables is without a doubt a healthy choice! And, during the long, cold winter months ~ it’s best to add more depth to your food plan through warming meals that will assist your body in managing the temperature extremes. This is easily achieved with vegetable soups. I like to make mine with just a few ingredients and puree in my Vita Mix blender for a silky, smooth soup that doesn’t require cream to be creamy!


This technique is easy to use with any vegetable you like ~ I have chosen broccoli here, mixed with onion, garlic and s/p for a simple, satisfying addition to my meal.


What’s your favorite vegetable combination for soup?


Think this sounds tasty?


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