By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC

Classic Bone Broth is extremely versatile and healing!  While it may not look very appealing at first sight and perhaps not too sexy either, I believe that bone broth may very well be the missing link in our quest for a healthy body… skin, hair, nails, bones and joints!!  That’s it — if you suffer from joint issues, this homemade bone broth could be your saving grace.  It is full of all the minerals and collagen that our bodies crave and have lost due to our more ‘instant’ society.


In our very fast paced world today we have gotten away from eating WHOLE FOODS and have become accustomed to using every shortcut in the grocery store to accommodate our busy lives.  While this is strategically logical — it does create an unhealthy, out of balance lifestyle.


In our past — before grocery stores, cell phones and busy highways — we used to eat what we had on hand and when it came to animals, we ate the old fashioned way, nose-to-tail and we used everything the animal had to offer, bones and all.  The bones of an animal are full of minerals that are beneficial for our bodies.  Current times we are allergic to fat, afraid of eating meat and in such a hurry to get our meals on the table that we will go for packaged and prepared foods to fill in our gaps.


What we really need is to take a step back in time — if you are eating meat, get it with the bones, cook it with the bones — bones add great flavor and the gelatin from the bones will help make an amazing sauce or gravy which is not only very tasty, it’s also very healthy.


Save all of your bones to make a bone broth, the more you have the better (without going overboard of course).



Classic Bone Broth

Basics: Roast your bones — chicken, beef, pork or veal


    • Add vegetables and herbs to your pot:

      • onion
      • carrots
      • celery
      • leeks
      • parsley
      • thyme
      • bay leaves
      • garlic
      • cloves
      • s/p


  • Caramelize your vegetables either in the oven or in the pot for a bit before adding your roasted bones


  • De-glaze your pot with white wine — the amount depends on your pot and amount of bones


  • Allow the wine to reduce and the alcohol to burn off, you will be left with the lovely flavor


  • Add your roasted bones and cover with COLD WATER


  • Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer — skim the impurities (scum) off the top periodically


  • NEVER let the pot boil again


  • Keep the broth at a moderate simmer for 24-48 hours, add 2T apple cider vinegar to help pull the minerals out of the bones


  • Add more cold water as needed to not let the pot cook down too far


  • Although, you do need the broth to reduce to concentrate the flavor, minerals and gelatin.



After you have completed the cooking process, strain twice to remove all the impurities and ensure a clear broth.

What you are left with is the base of any good soup or sauce.  This Classic Bone Broth is rich with minerals and gelatin (which is protein) that will nourish your body and bones in the manner that is deliciously satisfying and enjoyable.



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