Your Challenge Today:

Creation of your story!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Every human is an artist.

And this is the main art that we have:

the creation of our story.

~ Miguel Angel Ruiz



Your voice, your mind, your story and your vision ~ how are you living your vision today?


Your strengths and core beliefs are the basis of your vision, mission, purpose and values. Defining these core beliefs and personal values is a key step in creating the quality in your life that you dream of. The quality of our life is directly connected to the extent to which we honor our core values. When we stop, take a pause, look inside at our own hearts we can awaken to our purpose in this life. We are able to find and manifest our aspiration when we look into our souls with mindful awareness.


When you review your SMARTER GOALS daily ~ you have the opportunity to revise and renew your plan. You gain clarity, re-align with your vision, renew your action plan and are better able to create the results that you seek!



Living Fit Lifestyle - Creation of our StoryHow are you living your vision today?

What are you doing to support your SMARTER GOALS?

What changes do you need to achieve your Living Fit Lifestyle?



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