Chef Barbara created this Curried Chicken Salad recipe.  She and I went to culinary school together a few years ago at The French Culinary Institute in New York City.


We had lots of fun, long nights and hard work getting our feet wet at school and working in the school restaurant L’Ecole .


Chef Barbara - Living Fit Lifestyle


After school Barbara had a beautiful baby girl and took time away from the kitchen to be with her family.  She came back to the restaurant and catering world after her baby was about 3 years old and we began a collaboration developing healthy, delicious recipes to rival anything and everything out on the market!


We did small catering gigs for special events and an organic delivery service for clients with special dietary needs that wanted to lose weight and reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes.  Barbara has a fine sense of taste and creativity, she is an excellent chef working in Rio now — I really miss her, but I know we will work together again!


One day in the kitchen Barbara came up with this recipe… and we are all grateful for her inspiration.

Curried Chicken Salad — go to this page for the recipe, it’s super easy, very nutritious & oh so delicious!