Why yes you can!

In most cases a meal plan laid out by one of the “Big Names” is a healthy way to eat so you won’t need to change plans. You will need to meet ALL of your current plan’s criteria to get your food points for the week!

It is our goal that your food plan is made up of real, whole foods ~ not packaged, overly processed, frozen or pre-made ~ however, we do have to be realistic here. We are all busy people and taking a little help from the supermarket, local caterer, or food service provider is acceptable to be realistic.

However, in the interests of keeping the fairness of the game you will need to disclose the plan and have us @HQ ‘approve’ the meal plan BEFORE you can compete.

Just drop us an email and join in the Fun!

Currently approved meal plans include:

  • Jenny Craig
  • 5 Squares
  • The Fresh Diet

These are not perfect options ~ you will need to supplement with fresh vegetables to meet the vegetable / fruit quota for the day. But, if this type of food service makes it doable for you to stay on a plan with your busy life – got for it!