Again, remember to breathe, everything is going to all right.

Yes, it is true, you do get bonuses for sharing and commenting on Facebook (FB), however all is not lost if you are not currently a member or do not know how to operate the social network.

You have several options, any one of which will more than suffice:

Email your responses, photos or comments to us here @HQ and we will post them for you (because thats the kind of people we are!)

Sign up for a facebook account, its FREE,  easy and fast. Then you can post as often as you like! Over 1 billion others can’t be wrong!

If you are already a FB member and are experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ around how to post or comment, send us an email @HQ and we will walk you through the process.

Still want another way?

Ask anyone under the age of 13, they’ll know what to do!