Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed

is more important than any other.

~ Abraham Lincoln


3 core components for weight loss goals

  • Behavior modification strategy that focuses on the implementation of both regular exercise and healthful nutrition


  • A dietary approach that emphasizes balanced nutrition with decreased caloric intake


  • An exercise plan that increases caloric expenditure through both aerobic exercise and resistance training.


The body primarily uses Carbohydrates and Fats as it’s fuel and weight loss depends on the number or calories you burn vs the number of calories you consume.



It’s best to incorporate a mix of low, moderate and high intensity exercise, which adds variety and helps to avoid overuse injuries. Utilizing a mix of exercises and intensity enables you to consistently engage in and adhere to a regular aerobic routine.


Resistance training is important for fat burning … YES …  it’s actually an essential component of a successful weight management program. Resistance training  helps to maintain or increase the amount of muscle in the body.  Increased muscle density decreases body fat % and improves overall body composition, which is the ultimate goal of exercise and a healthy food plan.


Strength training with resistance increases the amount of lean body mass and positively affects resting metabolic rates, which enables the body to burn more calories throughout the entire day.  Muscle tissue is highly active in burning calories, even at rest.


The best way to burn fat is with a well-round consistent approach to exercise!!

Utilize a variety of cardio and strength training strategies in your program.

Make sure to include activities that you enjoy so that you will more likely to adhere to exercise on a regular basis.


Your Exercise Challenge:


Make sure that you include some form of aerobic and resistance training into your fitness routine this week and share!


What are you doing to keep moving your bod?