Your Challenge Today:

Find the little things in everyday life …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



I think it’s important to find the little things

in everyday life that make you happy.

~ Paula Cole



Ahhh the little things in life… that make us smile!


When I think about all the little things that make me smile and enjoy each day it begins with a loving kitty waking me in the morning. Now this list will not be in any particular order, just random thoughts about the little things that make life more enjoyable.


Moms, brothers, family, and friends to call family

Kitty cats, Doggies, and babies – all make me smile

Kids, cute, sweet, innocent little ones ~ gotta watch what you say!

Fresh cut grass and gentle breezes in the summer sun

Fresh laundry right out of the dryer

Nice clean house, dusted, swept and mopped

Clean sheets on the bed and layered bedding

The sunshine and clear skies

A full moon on a clear night

Summer thunderstorms with brilliant lightning

Hot baths, relaxing music and a massage

Breakfast in bed with a slow start to a day off

Contact lenses, what a great invention

Suitcases on wheels when you need to roll

A long run with a friend at a pace where you can still talk!

Dinner parties at home and time to catch up with friends

Cooking a week’s worth of food in one day and watching Iron Chef America

Amazon Prime – how did we survive without mail order – they have everything

Cell phones ~ another genius idea that’s getting better all the time!

Central Park and opportunities to exercise there while taking in the beauty

Running the stairs with the Chief ~ working out with friends is the best!

Weight Training, cycling, and swimming – cross training is essential

Hearing a client say “you really made me feel better” ~ what a blessing

Having a wonderful home that feels like a retreat

SCUBA Diving around the world – visiting faraway places and adventures

Movies at home snuggled up on the sofa and having a picnic

Cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and time to experiment

A great haircut, mani/pedi and spa days

Live sporting events, especially basketball

An excellent support team, good help is always welcome

Guilty pleasures, silly TV shows and time to snuggle in

Pets to love and play with ~ the funny things they do for attention

Water, organic vegetables, and hot herbal tea

Award points for CC purchases that can be redeemed for travel!

Beautiful photographs and crystal clear waters

The zoo, the park, and aquarium



These are just a few of my favorite things 

what about yours?



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