Your Challenge Today:

Finding some humor …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I think the next best thing

to solving a problem

is finding some humor in it.

~ Frank A. Clark



Finding some humor ~ the ability to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously … that is the challenge!


I have to say this has been a life long challenge for me ~ I think I was 40 years old when I was born and never really developed a sense of humor. I was always so serious … everything was so heavy and intense. It has taken me a long time to lighten up and fly with the angels. I can still be pretty serious but I have made some progress and it takes practice.


I have a client that always likes to tell jokes and tries really hard to make me laugh. He is funny, extremely well-liked and very social. He uses his humor to open doors and create rapport with people, he is quite masterful and skilled at creating rapport. I must say that he doesn’t always get me to laugh, I still tend to be a bit pensive and don’t see the humor in a lot of things that others do … I guess that’s part of what makes the world go around. I have my own brand of funny.


I have developed an ability to laugh more at myself than I used to and enjoy the silly things in everyday life. I love watching pets in the park, babies playing and silly movies that also have a sweet story. I am finding some humor everyday as part of my gratitude practice. I look for sweet humor around me, I look for opportunities to smile, engage in conversation with strangers, and laugh at myself for silly mistakes. Sometimes I wonder where my head is when I see the things I forget and silly mistakes that hopefully don’t really mean anything. I say hopefully because I seem to remember things that are important and can easily forget those things that are not so much … hopefully!



So the next time things don’t go exactly as planned,

go out on a limb and try finding some humor in it.


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