Flat Belly Yoga


Develop core center strength with dynamic tension through the center of the body #LivingFitLifestyle Click To Tweet


We are looking to develop core center strength with dynamic tension through the center of the body



Side Plank


This pose is working the obliques muscles and intercostals which make up the side abdominal muscles that are responsible for side bending and twisting of the torso. The oblique muscles are also responsible for supporting the low back and strong oblique muscles help to improve posture and slim your waistline.


  • Place your hand directly on the shoulder
  • Place your knee directly under the hip
  • And, foot directly behind the knee
  • Place your hand on your hip and firm your glute for support
  • Slowly lift the foot off the floor keeping your foot flexed and glute engaged


  • Now lift your hand to the sky, lifting, breathing, opening of your chest
  • Focus your practice on scapular retraction and opening through the heart center
  • Release and switch sides


Boat Pose


The boat pose is a great core center strengthener.


  • Begin with good, engaging posture, sitting up as tall as possible
  • Pull the navel center in toward the low back
  • Grab the back of your legs and slowly start to lift the feet off the ground
  • Balancing on your tailbone
  • You can hold this with your legs bent as a modified boat pose


or if you want to work a little harder


  • Extend your legs and arms out / lift through the heart center and hold


Yoga Crunches


  • Lie flat on your back with your navel center toward your spine
  • Hands behind the head with your thumbs down the side of your neck for support
  • Exhale while you lift your torso and hold
  • Inhale while you lower your body
  • Exhale and repeat
  • Lift the back of the ribs off the floor, hold
  • Move with your breath
  • Make sure your glutes and core center are tight
  • At the end of your set, lift your knees to chest to relax your low back