Your Challenge Today:

Focus strongly and powerfully

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Focus strongly and powerfully

on the circumstances that you can change.

~ Joy Page



When we focus strongly on change and build a success routine around the change we want to make in our lives, we are in a much better position to achieve the results you are  looking for.  A change in results of any kind requires a change in action, if you do the same old thing — you will continue to get the same old results.  Lifestyle habits are a little more tricky than other changes — they are often riddled with emotional triggers that take time to unravel and change. Mindful awareness is key to making lasting changes in personal lifestyle habits.


Identify the results you want:


  • lose weight and inches
  • improve your physical strength
  • improve your cholesterol reading
  • improve your performance in a sporting event
  • reduce your waist to hip ratio
  • reduce your body fat percentage
  • feel better in your clothes
  • look better naked!


Whatever your personal goals are once you have identified them you can begin to create a plan of actionable steps to achieve your goals.  It is the action of changing your default habits that will bring about the change in results that you desire.



Keep in mind:

Living Fit Lifestyle - Focus on ChangeWe are only looking for a few changes that you can commit to for the duration of this game.  It takes 66 days to create a new habit make a habit stick.  Our suggestion is to choose three (3) habits that you will focus on making during this game and fully integrate these habits into your newly defined healthy lifestyle.



What changes are you committed to making today?

How will you personally benefit from these changes?



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