Today I am going to break the mold and give you a more general, useful tip that you can use in your home to create more abundance. Consider each to be a little reminder that you are open to flow and more prosperity!


Golden Feng Shui fancy chair


TIP: Add something golden to the far left of the main entrance door to every room.  And when I say golden, I mean golden. Glittering, shining and bespeaking prosperity!

Here are some ideas from my house:


fools gold

In the far left of my living room, I have a huge brass and chrome  Mid Century lamp that I keep on with low wattage constantly when I am home. In my bedroom, its a glittering pyrite stone.  In my dining room, its gleaming gold vases.


AND: Also, you can add something golden to the far left corner of your whole house as determined from the main entrance door.

gold tray


In the far left in the main left corner from the entrance door to my whole house, its a hunk of golden citrine.  I may not be into the specific metaphysics of each crystal’s meaning, but the earth element, color and majesty…as well as natural energy… of these wonderful minerals and gems!


Of course,  I encourage you to personalize this golden goodie! Ideas for you to get golden: gold leaf something lovely (its a fun project and very simple!), spray paint something shimmering gold, put a jewelry box that is golden in this area of your closet….

Simple but fun reminders that your home and your life should be prosperous and glittering!!!


Living Fit Game - Golden Feng Shui

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