Your Challenge Today:

Have fun today!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



You can be childlike without being childish.

A child always wants to have fun.

Ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun?’

~ Christopher Meloni



When do people perform their best at any anything?


When they’re relaxed, intent on what they’re doing and more or less oblivious to everything else, people are able to perform their best. When people have fun, they are able to express their genius without worry. So loosen up and enjoy your life.


  • Stop hiding who you are … YOU are special, unique and your genius! Celebrate you, your gifts, your talents and enjoy all of your quirky irregularities! When you embrace yourself wholly you will be cosmically directed to your ideal job, your perfect mate and your inspired life.


  • Don’t worry what others will think about you … you will never please all of the people all of the time, someone will always have something to say that could inhibit your spirit … give it up! Wasting your time worrying is a no win situation, you will not feel better by worrying. Be you, do your best, and be happy with your performance. Learn, grow and keep moving on your journey; it’s yours ~ celebrate.


  • Stop following the rules … just because someone said it had to be a certain way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. When you see a new idea, go for it. Experiment, color outside the lines, dance without music, play in the rain, do whatever you feel like, feed your spirit and have fun.


  • Start scaring yourself … do one thing that scares you every day! Fear is synonymous with excitement and excitement stimulates your life. Remember your comfort zone is a plateau on the way to the summit! Take risks, try new things that scare you (even a little) and see just how far you can go.


  • Stop taking it all so damn seriously … life is too short to be so severe. There is a time and a place for serious, and it’s not all the time. I have to say I need to work on this one.  I have learned to lighten up over the years, and it has helped me get through my days with a lot more fun. Laughing at myself, my mistakes and not worrying about making errors provides a lot more room for fun, adventure, and learning.


  • Stop being so busy … relax, laugh, walk, read, listen to music, catch up with your friends … do fun things that feed your spirit. I have a client that I go to the park with, and she likes to swing in the swing set before we leave, what fun that is. Going all the way back to childhood and taking a few minutes to punctuate her workout with a little extra fun is a great way to put a small smile in a day.


  • Start something new … begin a new project, knitting, sewing, cycling, writing, travel … start a project that will bring fun into your daily or weekly routine.



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