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When you look at people who are successful,

you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated,

but have consistency in their motivation.

~ Arsene Wenger




High reps, light weights


Resistance training myths and misconception


  • Women must use light weight, high reps if you want to  toning


  • Men must use heavier weights with lower number reps if desire is to bulk up


For some women the fear of building big bulky muscles has caused them to limit their strength training program to only light weights and high repetitions and has led many men to exclusively train with heavy weights and low repetitions.


It is important to know that genetic factors are largely responsible for individuals muscular response to resistance training. This is especially true for women – only a very small % of women possess the genetic potential to truly bulk up.


Several studies show you gain similar improvements in muscular, strength, endurance and size from both high rep and low rep training.


The results show both strategies produce similar results as long as the exercise set fatigues the muscle within 90 seconds.


According to the CDC regular resistance training has an assortment of health benefits – including:


  • Increase of muscle and bones
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improve balance, coordination and mobility
  • Reduce symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis