Note to self:

Hope for tomorrow … !

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Learn from yesterday,

live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

~ Albert Einstein



Hope for tomorrow ~ that sounds like fun!



What can I learn from yesterday that I can apply to today and hope for tomorrow? Well, that’s a timely question in my world right now. I have been in the middle of a challenging time with my family and I am humbled and reminded that I have much to learn, about myself and how I interact with others. I am not a perfect person, I get impatient, I lose my temper, I have a tone in my voice at times that is disturbing to others and I can be offensive. I promise to the universe that I am not ugly to anyone on purpose and sad to say, I am often unaware of the offense. The unaware part of me is not an excuse ~ it is an invitation to look again at myself and my behavior, how can I improve my interactions with others and create a more loving relationship?


I am an advocate of personal growth, personal change and embracing habit changes that will make my life better, richer and more rewarding.  A lot of people fear change, I actually fear change that I have not initiated, that is something I have come to realize recently in a new way. I embrace change that I initiate and I absolutely fear and resist changes that have been imposed on me that didn’t fit into my picture or plans. I have had that experience a few times now and I see the terror in my soul when I am pushed into a change that I have not consciously chosen for myself, I have not handled it well, there is much room for improvement.


So my hope for tomorrow is to see my fear more clearly and recognize the fact that I cannot control everything in my life. I am on a journey that will have many twists, turns and detours over the long haul and I need to improve my ability to flow! My quest is to trust the Universe, trust my process, pray, use my support system and live my life fully with all of its uncertainty, doing the best I can at any given moment.



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