How to poach an egg in a strainer

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According to Medical News Today:


Eggs are a common food source full of protein and other valuable nutrients


Nutritional breakdown of eggs


Eggs contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential parts of a healthy and balanced diet. Below is a list of nutrients that can be found in eggs, along with a brief summary of what they are useful for:

  • Vitamin A —  maintains the skin, immune system and normal vision.
  • Vitamin B2 — aids energy metabolism, red blood cells, vision and the nervous system.
  • Vitamin B12 —  aids energy metabolism, red blood cells, the immune system and the nervous system.
  • Vitamin B5 — aids energy metabolism and mental functioning.
  • Vitamin D — keeps bones and teeth healthy and aids absorption of calcium.
  • Vitamin E —  keeps the reproductive system, nervous system and muscles healthy.
  • Biotin —  aids energy metabolism, maintains skin, hair and the immune system.
  • Choline —  aids fat metabolism and liver function.
  • Folic Acid —  aids blood formation and tissue growth during pregnancy.
  • Iodine — aids thyroid gland function, maintains the skin and nervous system.
  • Iron — assists red blood production and the transportation of oxygen throughout the body.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin — maintain normal vision and protect from age-related eye disease.
  • Phosphorus — maintains bones and teeth and aids energy metabolism.
  • Protein — needed for building and maintaining muscle, organs, skin and tissue, and producing antibodies, enzymes and hormones.
  • Selenium — protects cells from oxidative damage, maintains the immune system and aids thyroid gland function.