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By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Genius is one percent inspiration

and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

~ Thomas A. Edison



Inspiration vs Perspiration — that is the question. I like both, what about you?


I like to ‘try’ to figure out how to go about something by employing my troubleshooting skills before I begin which I believe will usually help me eliminate costly, time-consuming mistakes. Troubleshooting does not provide a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination, but it does afford me the opportunity to look at and examine what I am planning before I jump in to eliminate some of the potential pitfalls. Planning seems like a little bit of common sense to me… it’s where I look for inspiration.


Then the sweat comes into play ~ getting down and dirty with the project at hand. Rolling up my sleeves, put on my apron and rubber gloves if needed and getting to the work. I find tackling new projects very rewarding and empowering to me. I have a very distinct memory of a client telling me about her journey with her new Apple Computer, years ago. She was planning a birthday party for a friend and wanted a unique moment for him and the gathering. She decided to put together a photo montage on a CD that she would show at the party and give to him. She had no real idea of how to do this, she did the research and muddled her way through it, coming to the end product. Wow, what an accomplishment ~ she said she felt so proud ~ she felt like a peacock with feathers all stretched out and proud!


Commitment, determination, inspiration, ingenuity, and perspiration are the perfect combination to approach new experiences! We never really know what we can or cannot do until we try.



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