By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


My favorite way to train is with Interval Training routines.  (IMO) Interval training workouts are the MOST EFFICIENT way to exercise for fat loss and improved fitness, especially if you are on a tight schedule, perfect for busy lives!! You work fast, hard and cover all your bases – it’s excellent!



There are several ways to go about setting up an interval training routine –
The possibilities are endless, be creative…


You can work your entire body —


one exercise per body part and repeat the circuit several times


    • Lunges — legs, gluteals
    • One arm row — back
    • Push-up — chest & shoulder
    • Lateral raise — shoulder
    • Bicep Curl — arms front
    • Triceps pushup — arms back
    • Abs — tummy
    • Repeat 3x
    • Finish with a full body stretch – Sun Salutation


You can work your body —


front to back, alternating sets in timed sequences


  • chest, back
  • biceps, triceps
  • quads, hams
  • low back, abs
  • complete your workout with a good stretch



You can organize your interval training routines.


if you are on a tight schedule and


do one group a day with Cardio busts in between sets


  • Monday — chest & back with three mins jump rope after each exercise 3x each
  • Tuesday — biceps, triceps & shoulders (arms) 3x each w/ 3 min of stairs in between sets
  • Wednesday — day off to rest or play a sport
  • Thursday – quads & hams (legs) with three mins fast walk or run in between each exercise
  • Friday – low back & abs alternating with three mins bicycle after each activity
  • Saturday & Sunday – rotate a sport or try the No Gym Workout again!



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