My Challenge Today:

Live my life … with as few regrets as possible.

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I want to live my life so that

my nights are not full of regrets.

~ D. H. Lawrence



I want to live my life with as few regrets as possible and that’s kinda hard to think about. What makes one have regrets, mistakes that you suffer over? I can say, I am a sensitive individual and I tend to be hard on myself, so regrets come with that territory. Part of my journey here is learning to be a little kinder, softer, gentler with myself with more compassion and realizing that mistakes are a part of learning. The key here is — learning and remembering!


I cannot let myself off the hook for not keeping my commitments ~ I have to do my best there. When I make a promise, I have to do my utmost to fulfill it. And, at the same time, I must have a little wiggle room and remember to be flexible like a willow tree. I need be able to evaluate a situation and give myself a change of plans if necessary. You know, when the weather is not on your side and your travel plans get changed, or you catch a cold and you cannot get into the pool for your daily workout ~ there are definitely times when one has to be realistic and go with Plan B.


When it comes to taking care of myself, I am definitely a priority. My commitment is to do the best that I can each day, taking into consideration what my schedule allows and what is realistic. I am not committed to perfection ~ that a losing battle ~ I am committed to live my life making the best choices I can to eat healthy, drink my water and exercise today! I will also take time to meditate, focus on my gratitudes and speak with my team for support.



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