Your Challenge Today:

Love yourself. Move your body. Watch your portions!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I’ve always practiced this:

Love yourself. Move your body.

Watch your portions.

~ Richard Simmons



I have been working in the fitness/wellness industry for a long time, and I have had the pleasure of working with many beautiful people over the years for which I am very grateful. I have also had the exciting experience of being around many people and watched countless physical transformations take place, which is always exciting. When I see an individual take on the monumental task of transforming their habits and live productively to enhance their well-being, a part of me is changed with them. Just watching someone day after day come into the gym and work hard to create a healthy body and change their life, I am humbled and reminded that we all possess the ability to change once we have made a choice. It may not be easy and in most cases, it is not, but it is always worth it.


Just think of a time when you made up your mind to go to graduate school, buy a house or look for love … you first had to acknowledge the desire. Once you recognize the desire for something new, you had to make some choices about how to create this new reality in your life, what school to go to, where to look for a house, how to pursue a new love interest. Making changes of any kind requires thought, planning, preparation, and commitment. You may be good at SMART GOALS, or you may be more of a free-spirit and like to ‘wing it’ when it comes to change, either way, ~ you do have to give it some thought, assessment and take action.


I believe it is through love that we make commitments and the love of yourself is a necessary component to the success of our Living Fit Lifestyle. When we can say that “I am worth it” and “I am ready” we can make the changes that we need to realize our SMART GOALS. I have seen it many times; when you are ready, you will do it. You, me, (we) all have to go through a process before we can create sustainable change in our lives and some changes will be more comfortable than others, that’s life. And, the common denominator to all change is desire ~ the desire for a Living Fit Lifestyle, the passion for a new home, a loving relationship, higher education, a trip around the world, a new pet, children … this all begins with desire.


Love Yourself Move your Body! There are no rules here about what type of movement you need to do; the only agreement is that you do move your body! Find a way to move that is comfortably uncomfortable, you do need to stretch your current physical limits to create a healthy change in your body. Find something that you can enjoy so that you will look forward to doing it, buddy up with your friends and teammates, find a class in your community and make your movement a fun experience ~ because you are worth it!



We have to love ourselves enough

to want something new, better and healthier,

because we are worth it!



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