Absolute True Story ~ Ask Bernadette



QWill riding the bike just make my legs fatter?



AYOU are an amazing smart and beautiful woman.….

please, hear me and understand this……


  • The bike will not make your legs fat or fatter


  • JUNK FOOD makes people fat and fatter


  • DIET SODA makes people fat and fatter


  • NO SLEEP or Poor Sleep — makes people fat


  • STRESS makes people fat


  • GRAINS & SUGAR make people fat and fatter


  • NOT EATING ENOUGH – will slow down your metabolism

and make you fat and fatter!



YOUR BODY LOVES meat and vegetables!!


You will nurture your body back to health and amazing shape with regular meals of protein and vegetables, regular exercise, lots of water or herbal tea, good sleep and gentle exercise, both Cardio and Resistance


    • YOU do not have to go crazy — start slow, be consistent and you will win!


    • YOUR body will transition from holding fat to burning fat with consistency and proper nutrition


    • ELIMINATE – all grains, tubers, potatoes, fruits, sugars, non-sugars, diet products


    • EAT HEALTHY WHOLE FOODS, with the 100% emphasis on green vegetables, protein and healthy fats, you will prevail!