Massage Therapy has been around for hundreds of years for good reason, it is very healing to the body and spirit. A growing body of evidence indicates that massage therapy treatment can be effective for a variety of health conditions. Massage is rapidly becoming recognized as an integral part of a health and wellness program.


Stress is all around us in so many ways that affect our bodies slowly. No matter how organized you are, laid-back your attitude or carefree your lifestyle, very few people escape the physical effects of stress. And, the more we learn about the physical effects of stress, the more we begin to understand how important it is to find ways to deal with stress, such as Exercise, Massage, Eating Healthy, Restorative Sleep, Healthy Communication and developing a Gratitude Practice.chocolate coconut candy - Living Fit Lifestyle


My approach to Massage Therapy is to begin by getting to know you, your injuries, pains and physical limitations. I then work in partnership with you to provide a massage therapy treatment that will heal, soothe and relax you so that you can comfortably do the things you love to do without pain! The partnership requires you to provide feedback about the massage pressure and areas that need more or less work. I strive to give you the best treatment to facilitate your healing process.