Your Challenge Today:

Check your mental attitude!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions,

it is governed by our mental attitude.

~ Dale Carnegie



When you can identify your natural approach to challenging goals, it can help you identify ways to short circuit your negative internal conversation. You may find that some goals are easier to approach than others and if you find yourself in a negative whirlpool of internal conversation, it may be helpful to discuss the subject with your team. The changes that we are after here in the Living Fit Game are purely lifestyle habits. Sometimes these can be the most challenging of all goals because they are deeply ingrained in your psyche and you have been carrying them around for many years.


There are many people that have had a great deal of success with the game by Guidelines for the Game closely. We know that success with a Living Fit Lifestyle is due to a diligent commitment to the safe, long-standing proven concepts that this game represents. Take the game day-by-day and work with the guidelines and concepts to build the sustainable changes that you need to realize your goals.


Whenever you find yourself falling into an old out-dated default attitude that needs a shift ~ focus on your Gratitudes! Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude is an essential part of this game and one that has definitely proven to help elevate one’s mood! And having a positive mental attitude is an essential ingredient to your well-being.


If you are having a particularly challenging day ~ it maybe difficult to think about things you are grateful for. This is precisely the time when you will benefit the most! And, if you are having trouble identifying something to that you are truly grateful for, start small … it maybe somethings as simple as:


  • I have a job
  • I have a home
  • I have a dog or cat
  • I have a friend
  • I have money in the bank
  • I have __________


Don’t worry about what you are thankful for ~ it doesn’t have to be profound, just something that you actually can say thank you to the universe for! And, if you have more than 5 sometime, great ~ celebrate and share!



Living Fit Game - Mental AttitudeWhat is your natural default attitude?

Are you a ‘possibility’ thinker or a ‘pessimist’?

Do you ask ‘how’ to reach a goal or tell yourself it won’t work?