Your Challenge Today:

Move the World

 By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


If a man would move the world,

he must first move himself.

~ Socrates



To move the world, we have to first move ourselves.  We need a plan of actionable steps, a road map and a compass or GPS device of choice.


When we have big SMART GOALS such as:


  • More community involvement with the family
  • Charity fund-raising & giving back to the community
  • Higher education and career development
  • Course development & teaching
  • World travel and exploration
  • Healthy bodies and disease prevention
  • Career changes
  • Relationship improvements


We have to move ourselves to make these things happen! We need to spend some quality time with ourselves and plan our approach to these endeavours. When we created our 100 Bucket List we began the process of moving ourselves to become the success that we know we are capable of becoming. When we allow ourselves to think outside the box of our normal everyday lives, where does our imagination take us? Where is your magic carpet going?



What’s next for you?

Where do you feel you want to stretch your wings?

Who are you with on the journey?


Share with your team, family and friends.


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