Your Challenge Today:

Never give up …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Never lose the childlike wonder.

Show gratitude…

Don’t complain; just work harder…

Never give up.

~ Randy Pausch



Never give up ~ tall order to fulfill, a little scary to think about sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean never a diversion, it does mean ~ keep going! Try and try until you reach your goal … if one way doesn’t work, try another. Practice, research, keep track of your efforts, collect data and keep going.


Success is rarely achieved overnight ~ that means you have to work for it. No matter what your goal is ~ you will have to put in the time, effort and attention to realize your goal. And, it’s advisable to take your goal seriously you will want to …


  • Think through the process of achieving your goal
  • Consult with a professional for support if you need it, ask for help
  • Find someone that has achieved the result you want and emulate them
  • Make your goal a priority in your daily schedule, keep track and follow through
  • Develop a game plan for achieving your goal and keep statistics for evaluation
  • Set up a support system to help you ~ use your family, friends and team for support!


Practice, practice, practice ~ the piano, trumpet, trombone, dancing, tennis, fencing, drawing, painting, singing ~ whatever your desire is, keep going! You can do it.


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