High Intensity Interval Training has been around for years and for good reason ~ it produces great results!



This is the “Scientific 7 Minute Workout” recently written about in the NYTimes Magazine.  A simple, fast, high-intensity workout — finished in as little as seven minutes — will produce many of the same benefits as a good run and trip to the weight room, a recent study published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal concludes. What’s great about this particular workout is the individual exercises cover a full-body workout utilizing a chair, wall and floor ~ easy to do at home or on the road in a hotel room, no gym required!


This style of exercise is very flexible and many combination of exercises can be utilized to produce a great workout that is both muscle building and cardiovascular strengthening ~ Interval Training is both efficient and effective for busy lifestyles.



This workout is designed so that each exercise is performed for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest period in between exercises. You can (of course) do each exercise for a longer or shorter period of time depending on your available time and fitness level.


Work up to 5 x routine for a full 35 minute sanctioned workout and reap the body benefits!


Jumping Jacks are a great way to begin your workout ~ this old-fashioned staple will warm you up head-to-toe and get your body ready for the next exercise to come. A full-body warm-up is ideal to prepare your body for exercise and prevent injury.





Wall Sits are an excellent exercise for your quadriceps. You don’t move and therefore cannot really cause damage to your knees.  Your knees depend on strong quads for stability of the joint.






Push-ups are a classic exercise for a very good reason ~ they are always with you and can be executed in a variety of ways. They work your chest, anterior deltoids and triceps, they are a multi-purpose exercise!




Crunches are a safe way to work on your abdominal muscles, provided they are executed with precision and focus. Be sure to use your abdominal wall to lift your head and shoulders, not the other way around.  Safety is critical with all exercises and with your back safely on the floor, you will prevent any back strain when your focus is absolutely on your mid-section.



Step-ups are an extremely effective exercise for training your buns and adding the extra benefit of a little cardio burst. It is only 30 seconds per leg so no real significant aerobic benefit, however when you keep your body moving swiftly and smoothly through all the exercises in this routine, you will generate some thermogenic benefit!

Note ~ It is ideal to find a stable bench or stool to step up on & the line from hip to knee should be at a right angle for the safest position. Use whatever height stool you have available and work up in time for maximum benefit.




Squats are another one of the classic exercises that have been adored by fitness enthusiasts for years ~ they are extremely effective. When squats are executed properly you will develop your abs, back and legs. This is important for many reasons, one of which is you need to get into and out of chairs, cars, and the potty from now until the end of time. Squatting is considered a functional exercise and important to your quality of life.  Pay attention to you joints and move according to your fitness level.



Dips are a quick way to tone your arms. Triceps are located on the back side of your upper arm and don’t get a lot of focused activity naturally, so they need a little love from you. Triceps are a ‘push’ exercise and while you do a triceps push-up off a bench or chair you will help keep your arms in the best condition. Note ~ make sure the bench or chair is stable & will hold you safely during the movement.



Front Plank is an exercise that focuses mostly on your core muscles ~ which consist of the abdominal wall, obliques, back, chest, and neck. It is important to perform this exercise with perfect form to avoid injuring your shoulders or back. Hold your body very tight,  focus on breathing naturally while keeping your abdominal wall pulled into the spine for support.



Marching or running in place ~ is another way to keep your heart rate up, keep the intensity high and keep your body temperature elevated!

Note ~ to lift your knees as high as you can without causing pain to your hip or knees. As you get stronger, you can increase the intensity and therefore the benefit.





 Alternating Lunges are another of those classic exercise that have been staples in the gym for years. Most people complain about the pain of lunges, yet most women relish the benefits of a beautifully shaped bottom! Lunges are the best asset to a woman’s bottom workout ~ they condition all of the leg and glute muscles while elevating your core temperature and cardio benefit.



Rotating Plank with a push-up is a more advance exercise that brings great benefit to your whole body and therefore worth the effort it will take to perfect the form. You will need a great deal of strength in your chest, shoulders, arms and abdominal wall to perform this exercise without injury.




Side Plank is another variation of a plank which is primarily a core exercise. You can use the side plank instead of the rotating plank if you need to develop your strength more before progressing to that advanced version.