Your Challenge Today:

Own your Power!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



There is NO Magic Pill in Life



NO magic pill … NO secret diet …

NO shortcuts …  Just Dedication!




Everyday we are all faced with choices, healthy and not-so-healthy.  Whether we are at work stuck in a conference room full of less than healthy choices to eat and no way to exercise during the meeting or we are taking the kids to Disney Land — we will always be faced with choices!  The challenge is to make the best possible choice — when you are staring at a menu with no fresh vegetables and lots of fried food, what do you do?


  • Can you choose a sandwich with a lean protein and eat only half the bread?
  • Can you choose to eat nuts and fruit when locked in a meeting?
  • Can you plan ahead and bring healthy food for yourself?


It is up to us to make the best choice possible to support our health goals 


Every time we reinforce our choice to health — we get to Own our Power!



How are you owning your right to choose a Living Fit Lifestyle?