Looking for a fun treat and healthy recipe? These Organic Coconut Macaroons are a little bite that is super delicious, sweet, a little creamy and very coconut-ty!


Organic Coconut Macaroons

I like to use all organic ingredients whenever I am cooking, if possible.  There are some food items that I have not been able to resource as organic and I am still looking.  However — everything you need for these Organic Coconut Macaroons can be easily found at your local health food store or on-line.  I also like to cover these with Organic Chocolate if I have the time — it’s like having an old fashioned Mounds bar, only much better.


Organic Coconut Macarons are super easy, quick, and very, very delicious.  I usually just use an ice cream scoop to make mounds of coconut cookies which is the easiest way to go about it.  But, this time I decided to try shaping them with a cookie cutter for Valentine’s Day.  It worked like a charm — a little slower process due to the fact that you need to tamper them down into the cutter can remove it slowly to keep the shape, definitely worth the effort.  So cute!


I found this recipe inspiration for these cookies in The Metabolic Blueprint.

Yield: approximately 24 macaroons



  • 5 large egg whites, room temperature




  • Preheat oven to 350•
  • Line baking sheet with parchment paper and grease with coconut oil
  • Beat egg whites with salt in a clean bowl with an electric mixer/whip until stiff peaks
  • Fold in the honey, vanilla extract, coconut, gelatin and coconut extract until well blended
  • Drop and place spoonfuls of the macaroon mixture and place on the lined sheet pan
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.

Serving Size: 1 macaroon

Calories: 63