Planning your Meal Ideas for a Living Fit Lifestyle does require some thought for a healthy outcome. It is our goal that we enjoy eating fabulous food and learn to think of it as normal part of our healthy lives ~ this is NOT a DIET, it’s a way of life!!


Meal Ideas for Living Fit - Living Fit Lifestyle

Having said that — this is an ideal plate with 50% vegetables, 25% protein and the balance made up of healthy fats and optional grains/fruit.



Plan ‘A’ participants will want 3 meals with this type of arrangement and 2 meals with 1/2 of this to make up your 5 meals a day!


Plan ‘B’ participants strive to create 5 full meals with this arrangement ~ this is what I suggest for the guys in the game!



It is important to think about how and when you eat

for this program to work into a successful way of life.

Refer to The Living Fit Food List  – for sanctioned foods

How to Create a Living Fit Meal – for proper portion control

Meal Ideas for the Living Fit Lifestyle – your inspiration guide!