The Living Fit ~ Restorative Sleep Practice 


… 50 points for sleep daily We recommend 6-8 hours per day – points value for 6 hrs


… Or at least be in bed with lights out for 6 hours per day

 Sleep - Living Fit Lifestyle

… If insomniac you must practice the guidelines of sleep hygiene, regular sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight management.


Sleep is crucial to your vitality and wellbeing. Getting good quality, restorative sleep allows the body to make much needed repairs, restoring your body for the next day’s activities! When we don’t get enough sleep many of our vital capacities are compromised as a result. It is recommended by sleep experts that our bodies need 7-9 hours sleep daily and very few of us get that much sleep regularly. For the purposes of this game we are recommending that you get 6-8 hours sleep daily and begin the process of learning to sleep well!