Note to self:

The premise of progress …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Knowledge is power.

Information is liberating.

Education is the premise of progress,

in every society, in every family.

~ Kofi Annan



Knowledge is power and information are liberating, the more we know, the better we can do. Significant discoveries are being made every day in the world of science, health, fitness, and wellness. And, with all the new information we are presented with opportunities to care for ourselves better than our parents and grandparents did. This education is the premise of progress and affords us the convenience of a better quality of life which is truly liberating. We can use the information about improved diet, exercise and self-care to create a long life full of energy and vitality.


While it is true, we are growing older every day ~ and ~ it is also true that we can become stronger daily as well. Having strength in our body, mind, and spirit will allow us to stay active with our work, passion, and pleasures with limited physical ailments that might hinder our enjoyment.


The real questions come in when we look at the amount of information that produced on a daily basis –


  • What applies to me and my life?
  • Who do I listen to and believe when it comes to medical research?
  • The pharmaceutical companies, the doctors, the naturopaths?
  • How do I determine what’s right for me, my body and my life?


These are all valid questions that need to be thought out with care. I am not a scientist; I am not a doctor, I do not have all the answers to these fundamental questions. What I do have is …


  • My intuition and meditation
  • A well-rounded medical team that I trust
  • The best quality food I can afford
  • Lots of water and restorative sleep every day
  • Regular sensible exercise
  • An excellent chiropractor and massage therapy
  • Great friends, family and a broad sense of love
  • A beautiful place to call home that nurtures me
  • A sincere commitment to my health
  • A career that energizes me and an insatiable curiosity
  • A desire for laughter, travel, and adventure


Armed with these things, I feel I can find answers and solutions that will guide me through my life in a healthy way. What support system do you have to guide you on your path to a Living Fit Lifestyle and lifelong wellness?



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