Your Daily Challenge:

Recognize and acknowledge where you are capable.

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Put all your excuses aside and remember this:

YOU are capable.

~ Zig Ziglar



How are you — able, efficient, competent, clever, skillful and fit?


Sometimes it’s a really good exercise to look at all of our positives. When we do our Daily Gratitude Practice with our team, we can acknowledge ourselves for our special talents. This is an opportunity to take pride in our achievements, uniqueness, talents, gifts, as a friend, business person, neighbor, lover, parent… etc. Taking time to remember what is working in our life and enjoy the moment, feel the love that is all around us and remind ourselves that we are capable. We have resources, we have our team, our families and our special gifts that make us unique and wonderful beings. We may not have everything exactly as we want it all the time ~ and ~ we have so much that is right, working and deserves to be celebrated.



Give yourself some credit for your work — remind yourself what you are good at and do it!