Smartphones and Your Health


Who doesn’t have a smartphone of some kind, everyone right? Who is ever far from their phone, no-one right ? Some of my friends use their smartphones for everything, they don’t even use their computer any longer. I am not that dedicated, yet. I do know others that only use their tablet … well, obviously, technology is advancing fast and so are our personal habits around it.


There is some controversy around how much we use our phones and under what circumstances. There are  appropriate uses and times and like anything else, there are inappropriate times and uses. We have to use our noggin and be smart about our smartphones. They are powerful assets that we can use to our advantage and can be incredibly helpful under certain circumstances while also potentially toxic to our brains and bodies as well. Sometime people seem to lose all sense of courtesy and integrity when it comes to our electronics — that’s not what we are here to talk about today.


We are here to discuss the positives of technology and how it can actually help us in our quest for a better life, better body and better lifestyle.