Have you ever tried a Smoked Gumbo Cake?  Do you like crab cakes?  I do, they are one of my favorite things to eat out in a ‘good’ seafood restaurant.  I don’t like the kind that are very cakey…. too much bread and not enough of the good stuff, you know what I am talking about.  I have to admit, more often than not I am disappointed with the offerings, I usually find the crab cakes too expensive and not enough substance for my money.


It has been said (by a friend that knows me pretty well, who’s name I will not mention right now) that I am difficult. Well, he is speaking from his own preferences, I understand that, I don’t necessarily have to agree with him. The truth is that I am a challenge (difficult) in many ways.  I am committed to giving my best in whatever I am doing and I want the same from others. When I got out to eat, I want really good food and my idea of ”good food” is not necessarily the same as most people.  I want my food to be healthy, delicious and well prepared.  I want to spend my money on quality — food and service in a nice atmosphere, otherwise — why go out?


Because I love crab cakes so much — and don’t actually eat them that often, when I had some small pieces of cod left over from portioning an organic meal delivery, I decided to try an experiment and smoking it to make fish cakes.  Actually, Chef Barbara did this for me one day in the kitchen, she is so great.  The cakes came out very nicely, I thought I would like to try it myself — the stove-top smoker!


By the time I got around to trying the smoker myself, I had some shrimp in the fridge and my husband (who doesn’t like fish) suggested that I try making these Smoked GUMBO cakes!  He thought if I added some sausage to the party that I might come up with a cake that had all the flavor of gumbo in the little cake that I was craving. Great idea 🙂  I made them, served him one to try — didn’t elaborate on the fact that there was fish in the cake and he loved it.  Then, when I told him that he ate fish — he wasn’t so happy, but he got over it and now these are a favorite around here.


My stove-top smoker:


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