Confidence comes from discipline and training.

~ Robert Kiyosaki



Stability Ball Challenge!


3 exercises from beginner to athlete


When choosing a stability ball for yourself, make sure to get the right size for you.


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You should have 90• angle from the hip to knee to ankle.





  • Ball right under low back, for support
  • Do not pull forward on head,
  • Draw the belly button in slightly before beginning
  • Lift shoulders off the ball w/ the ball supporting her low back, better than a flat surface
  • 5-20 reps – do what is appropriate for your fitness level and use your best form


Back Extension


  • Back extensor and glutes
  • Abdomen on stability ball, feet spaced a foot apart to provide a stable base.
  • Hands behind head, lower over the ball and extends up to standing position… glutes help
  • Do not go into extreme extension, not good for spine.
  • Put your feet closer together for more of a challenge, once you master the feet apart.  Hold at the top for about one second.


Plank on Ball


  • Legs on ball, back on floor, contract abs, back and hips rise up
  • Belly button contracted, lift to plank position — straight line engaging the core.
  • You can challenge yourself with — repetition
  • Or you can challenge yourself with — hold progressing in time
  • Increase the challenge — move the stability ball out.
  • This makes the lever longer with more control needed from the core.