Your Challenge Today:

Stay flexible in your approach …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Stay committed to your decisions,

and stay flexible in your approach.

~ Tony Robbins



Stay committed to your decisions and flexible in your approach ~ two very important concepts to strive for. No matter what area of your life your SMART GOALS are for – a commitment is the first step!


  • FRIST — focus on your burning desires, what change do you want to create today? Do you want to take a big trip? Do you want to improve your fiscal fitness by saving more, paying off debt or working with a financial planner? Do you want to go back to school for a new hobby or to improve your career development? Do you want to take up ballroom dancing and try out for Dancing with the Stars? Whatever your burning desire is — go for it!


  • SECOND — write out your SMART GOALS, it’s important to spend some of your very important time on this subject. Take your time, be thoughtful, write out your goals in present tense, “I am” language as though you have already achieved your goal.


  • THIRD — design a plan of action to reach your goals. I like to think of the plan as a blueprint, a work in progress and begin your plan with a pencil with  a good eraser! Pencils with erasers remind us to stay flexible in our approach, as we learn and grow, we might need to make adjustments to our plan.


  • FINALLY — remain flexible in your approach toward your SMART GOALS. Be flexible like a willow tree and when you need to bend with the wind you can. Sometimes the universe has a better plan for us than the one we think of and when you stay flexible in your approach, you just might find a better approach.


Small daily improvements are the key to long-term results. This is true of a lot of things in life, establishing a savings routine, exercise, de-cluttering, studying, practicing a new interest, and changing habits. The secret to creating new habits and creating sustainable changes in our lives is to have a well thought out plan, a road-map of tasks leading to our goals, consistent efforts day after day and commitment to the goals.



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