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Thing about learning…

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The beautiful thing about learning

is nobody can take it away from you.

~ B. B. King



The thing about learning



The beautiful thing about learning is — nobody can take it away from you!!  Whoo hoo ~ so true and such a bonus in life, learning. We have so many options for learning that choosing what to focus on can sometimes be a challenge, that’s what I have found for myself. My interests are so diverse that I didn’t see a connection until much later when I realized that all of my interest were actually connected in the category of Living Fit Lifestyle! I always had a passion for food, eating, cooking and sharing the food with my friends and family. I didn’t always have a passion for exercise, that came when I realized all that food needed a place to be actively filtered so I didn’t keep growing!! Then my journey led me to bodywork, massage and Integrative Health & Lifestyle Coaching … all very important aspects of designing a Living Fit Lifestyle.


So true — whatever you put into your mind, you get to keep 🙂 Learning is a gift to be celebrated. I am required to take a certain amount of continuing education credits to maintain my professional certifications and this is a great way for me to explore new ideas, new research and new techniques for a Living Fit Lifestyle. I just completed a course from edX ~ The Science of Happiness presented by Berkley. What a great experience, there are so many courses available on a multitude of subjects and the beautiful thing about learning this was is the classes are all FREE !!!


Cultivating a habit of lifelong learning is a powerful success strategy that will undoubtedly add life to your years and years to your life. The beautiful thing about learning is the multitude of benefits that you afford:


  • Learning develops your natural abilities and opens your mind
  • Learning creates a curious and hungry mind and increases your wisdom
  • Learning makes the world a better place and helps us adapt to change
  • Learning helps us find meaning in life and exposes us to new people



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