Your Challenge Today:

How are you doing with your plan?

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



All you need is the plan, the road map,

and the courage to press on to your destination

Earl Nightingale



Life is not always easy ~ things do not always go as planned. We need to keep our eyes and ears open, survey the scene, assess the situation, evaluate, collect data and negotiate our course as we go along. Goals are rarely achieved in a straight line. When things look like they are not headed in the direction of your dreams and desires ~ what do you do? Do you have the courage to press on?


Keeping a Success Journal (aka – Daily Scorecard) is an excellent way to collect data on your Smart Health Goals! The Daily Scorecard is designed as a ‘to-do list’ for your Living Fit Lifestyle.


  • Are you eating the best ratio of foods in regular intervals?
  • Are you consuming enough clean water to support your body’s needs?
  • Are you exercising 30 minutes daily ~ no rules about what kind of activity ~ do what you enjoy, move!
  • Are you sleeping enough to restore your energy?
  • Are you looking at your whole life to see where your health would benefit from some tweaking?
  • Are you utilizing your team for support?


When we make our Health Vision a priority, by choosing a Living Fit Lifestyle we are making room to manifest other Smart Goals in our lives. Once we are physically feeling our best, we have established routines that support our health habits, we can focus our attention on other areas of our lives that we want to grow and develop. Fitness is a feeling of freedom ~ the freedom to do the things you love without worry about pain or being physically uncomfortable.



question-mark-512Are you using your personal GPS to navigate your SMART GOALS?

How are you doing with your plan?

Do you have the courage to press on to your destination?



Do you have the courage to press on to realize your Health Vision?




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