Your Challenge Today:

The first chapter in your book …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Honesty is the first chapter

in the book of wisdom.

~ Thomas Jefferson



Honesty is essential during our journey in life, for our benefit and those we love. Learning to be honest with ourselves is the first chapter to healing and growing on our spiritual path. It takes courage and conviction to to be honest; we have to believe in ourselves and our personal values to have the strength to be straightforward and compassionate.


Honesty is the first chapter of adventure in this life. During our journey to success we need to embrace the concept of honesty, we have to embrace our story ~ all of it ~ the good, bad and ugly. It is through our story that we learn to be ourselves, it’s where we learn what’s important to us. When we are able to give up our judgements and grasp the fact that we are all human and imperfect we can forgive ourselves for our mistakes and be honest about what we need or want to change ~ we are able to grow. Honesty fosters connections with our inner wisdom, honesty demonstrates maturity and self-acceptance and honesty promotes a life of  authenticity.


When we are engaged in writing a new chapter in our lives, honesty attracts honesty, honesty shows that you care and honesty is liberating. When we are honest, we don’t ever have to worry about what we have said ~ we can be assured that it will be true. Developing a sense of self-respect fosters the ability to be honest and eliminates garbage between you and people you care about. When we hide our true feelings or withhold our true feelings, we are creating emotional garbage which promotes self-defeating energy. When we keep our relationships and communication clear, honest and authentic we are respecting our true self.


It’s important for us to ask ourselves questions while taking personal inventory, evaluate our motives and make sure that we are keeping our integrity, speaking our truth and fostering authentic relationships. Having the benefit of healthy relationships that we can be honest with will ultimately support our Living Fit Lifestyle.



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