The Living Fit Game is intended to give you

a motivational boost

and support to reach your wellness goals!


The Game is comprised of six core components that we all work toward during a 10 week period.


Motivation - Living Fit Lifestyle

It does not serve as a weight-loss or fitness program. We aim to make it fun for you to lose weight by engaging in a game of social-wellness with your friends and family. And, since we don’t know you personally (and even if we did) we can’t advise you properly on how to lose weight. The objective of the game is to support you in your quest to improve your overall health and wellness by making sensible, sustainable lifestyle changes on a daily basis.


We call it Living Fit Lifestyle because it’s about more than fitting into skinny jeans. It’s about getting healthy and creating a life of balance that supports our longevity and wellness. Social wellness, sharing a positive lifestyle within your community, is the key to creating lifelong healthy habits.


Quick weight loss methods aren’t sufficient to achieve lasting results. Weight loss methods that rely on diet aids like drinks, prepackaged foods, or diet pills don’t work in the long run. Although the Living Fit Game may be a catalyst for changing your habits, the most important changes are long term. No matter how much (or little) weight you have to lose, modest goals and a slow course will increase your chances of both losing the weight and keeping it off. Don’t do dumb things to lose weight!


It’s all about designing the life that you want and getting the support you need to manifest it ~ it’s about:


  • believing in yourself
  • investing in your health
  • sticking with your commitments
  • having fun with your peeps
  • winning the life and body of your dreams



It is our sincerest wish

that you will participate to the fullest extent that you are able

and you will have wonderful fun and glowing health

as a result of having played!