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Living Fit Recipes HBK17

A selection of sanctioned recipes perfect for supporting your health goals ~ chicken, shrimp, breakfast, lunch and dinner with some goodies thrown in for a little naughty fun! Our first annual recipe collection ~ most of the recipes from the site all in one convenient location.




Living Fit Game - Joyfoodly

A mission based company, to create a new food culture where kids and families celebrate the JOY of good food together. Chef Hollie is passionate about helping parents feel good about the food they feed their kids.



Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Recipe Resource

Cooking Light has long been one of my very favorite resources for healthy recipes.  You can find any type of food and recipe you are looking for, all cuisines, all categories, and the nutritional information you need. This is an delicious resources for a lifetime of cooking.



Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Recipe Resources

Eating Well is an excellent site for finding more healthy recipes.  They have a broad selection of recipes that are beautiful, healthy and delicious to choose from.  An scrumptious sources for meal ideas.



Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Recipe Resources

The Nourishing Gourmet is another fantastic resource for finding excellent healthy recipes.  She is also full of great information in general regarding healthy living.



Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Recipe Resources

D-Life is a website specifically for diabetics.  However, this should not scare you away.  These recipes are indexed by carb count and category which makes it easy if you need or want to cut down on your carbohydrate intake.  Also full of useful information.



Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Recipe Resources

Atkins has in the past be touted as the ‘great’ and ‘dangerous’ depending on who you talk with. I believe that their program has gotten a bad rep.  If one follows the program exactly as written, measuring everything, being mindful of their vegetable intake — this program can be extremely useful, healthy & successful.  It has a very specific system for finding your prefect carb balance which will be different for everyone — extremely useful information.



Ready 4 Life Game - Healthy Recipe Resources

Sometimes it is a great idea to add some more interesting vegetables to your repertoire.  This is an excellent resource for adding a little pizzaz to your greens and rethinking your side dishes.



Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Recipe Resources


Epicurious is a wonderful website full of excellent recipes. This selection is not specifically ‘diet’ oriented — however, if you search carefully, you can find suitable options and lots of useful information.



Real Simple is just that — Simple — just the way I like it!  A nice selection of simple & easy recipes for healthy quick cooking.



The Whole Foods Market is an amazing chain of stores across the US.  They are one of the front-runners in providing superior quality food products to us everyday.  Their whole foods recipe index is an outstanding resource for all kinds of creative culinary choices.  Explore and enjoy!