Your Challenge Today:

The good Life … purpose and direction!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


 The good life is a process, not a state of being.

It is a direction not a destination.

~ Carl Rogers



Purpose and direction give us the focus on our SMART GOALS. When we finally realize that the good life is a process, not the destination ~ we can take a deep breath and look at our goals differently. How do our goals support our journey?


It’s important to remember what the SMART in our goals stands for … sometimes we can get off track, diverted, have a ‘pork chop’ moment ~ that’s my specialty…. true.




  • Specific – are we being specific enough to recognize the goal when we see it?
  • Measurable – are we using a realistic measurement of our goal?
  • Attainable – is our goal attainable and a real stretch for us at this time?
  • Relevant – is this goal relevant to our journey or have we perhaps moved on from that particular goal?
  • Timely – is this goal something that we can achieve in a timely manner? Are we on an appropriate schedule?


When we ask ourselves these questions about our goals, we have to be honest with ourselves to ensure that we are indeed on the best path for ourselves at this time. While it may not be practical to choose a goal of maintaining our grade school figure – we may really be able to attain a goal of running a half-marathon with proper training, if that is our desire.


Understanding our purpose in this chapter of our life will help with our direction and efforts to achieve our goals. And, using the support of our teams to help us in our quest to achieve our desired result is undoubtedly a SMART action!


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