My Challenge Today:

Look on the optimistic side …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I always like to look on the optimistic side of life,

but I am realistic enough to know

that life is a complex matter.

~ Walt Disney



Look on the optimistic side of life and keep in mind the fact that life really is complex. This is a challenge to remember, how do we balance our good vibes with the realism of life? I sometimes think of this as my Polly Anna self, she likes to look at all the good and keep a little denial about the rest of life. It can be a bit tedious to me to listen to the news, read the papers and stay up on current events ~ I find them stressful. I know in reality there is a certain civic responsibility to know what’s happening in the world, our neighborhood, community, city, state, country and the world. We do have a social responsibility and yet I find myself extremely sensitive to the negativity. I protect my sensitive soul by avoiding much of the details.


I know in my heart that every voice counts when it comes to voting, all the same with the concept that we vote with our dollars in the grocery store and farmers markets. If we want to affect social change we have to be aware of the what needs to change, what our options are to affect change and be responsible for voting with our voices and dollars. When we can balance these aspects of life with our positive, optimistic vibes we can keep it all in check. We can have what we want and make a positive impact on our life, in our communities and the planet!



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