Your Challenge Today:

The starting point … of all achievement …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The starting point of all achievement

is desire.

~ Napoleon Hill



Here we are at the beginning of a new game ~ and the starting point of all achievement is desire!


  • What is it that you desire to achieve during the next 28 days?
  • What do you want to do differently this game that will support your Living Fit Lifestyle?
  • What little tweak would you like to embrace during the next four weeks?
  • How can this group serve as your support system?


Now is the time to get clarity on your goals, take some quiet time and choose 3 goals for the next four weeks. Maybe you’d like to do some spring cleaning … clean out your pantry, clean out the junk drawer, clean out your closets, clean out your clutter or clean up your food plan! Whatever you want to accomplish during this next four weeks, we are here to help!


This is a TEAM BASED WELLNESS GAME that focuses on nine areas of healthy living that will ultimately influence & enhance the quality of our lives. We believe that elevating social-wellness and weight loss from a solitary endeavor into an enjoyable community activity with friendly competition will create just the right environment for fun, progress and sustainable results. Losing weight can be challenging for many reasons, we believe it’s much easier when you’re in it with friends & family, making a community wide commitment. We all need the support of our family and friends to sustain our healthy life goals.


We call it Living Fit Lifestyle because it’s about more than fitting into skinny jeans. It’s about getting healthy and creating a life of balance that supports your longevity and wellness. Social wellness, sharing a positive lifestyle within your community, is the key to creating lifelong healthy habits. It’s all about designing the life that you want and getting the support you need to manifest it ~ it’s about:


    • Believing in yourself
    • Investing in your health
    • Having fun with your peeps
    • Sticking with your commitments
    • Creating the life and body of your dreams



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