Your Challenge Today:

Never stop improving …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Never stop investing.

Never stop improving.

Never stop doing something new.

~ Bob Parsons



How to invest time wisely, that is a good question worth much consideration. What makes the most sense to our life, that provides a good return on the investment … This is a very savvy, sassy, successful group of individuals playing this game and we all know that it’s ultimately up to each of us as individuals to make or break our habits ~ however we have the super-charged benefit of having our TEAM SUPPORT which really helps us stay the course and stay true to our goals. We know that investing in ourselves is owning our power! And, we have the power to choose activities and investments that will….


  • Provides pleasure for ourselves
  • Personal enhancement to our body, mind, and spirit
  • Personal growth that will be value added to our life and family


Time is the most valuable thing we can spend ~ and how do we invest our time wisely ~ to help ourselves improve, learn and have fun?  We all have 24 hours a day, every day ~ we get to choose how to spend it or invest it. I can sit on the sofa and watch HGTV, play video games or read some trashy novel, which can be fun and needed for a change but will it further my goals?


Let’s face it — People who succeed in this world are often willing to not only work hard but to think about how precious their time is and invest it in the things that will truly matter. We can choose to workout or not, we can choose to cook our own food or not, we can choose to hang out with our friends and complain about what we didn’t do … or get off our butts and do the thing we need to do …  it’s all about our choices.



What’s the most important choice you can make today

to support your personal goals?



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